Botched Breast Augmentations And How To Fix Your Breasts

Posted on: 4 June 2018

Many women choose to go to Mexico, Latin America, or South America for breast augmentations. This cosmetic procedure and dozens of others are extremely cheap there, but you are playing with fire if you make that choice. Just ask dozens of men and women who opted to head south of the equator to developing countries for cosmetic procedures and ended up marred and scarred.

They find that the results are never what they expected. Often, you have to shell out ten times more for an American cosmetic surgeon to fix the botched job. If you have a botched breast augmentation, here is how an American breast reconstruction surgeon will fix your breasts.

At Your Consultation

The surgeon will examine how the South American surgeon messed up. Usually, inadequate sterilization and lack of sterile surgical settings are responsible for creating infections that cause your implants to pop through holes in your breasts. Other nightmarish incidents often include improperly placed or poorly-filled implants, which give your breasts excess droop and/or fullness in the wrong areas.

Sometimes you even have to have an implant removed because the infection is so bad! Then you have one implant on one side, and no implant on the other. Whatever your situation, your surgeon here in the States will determine what it is, and let you know how it can be fixed.

Reconstructing Your Breasts 

Perhaps the worst-case scenario is when you had a lot of breast tissue die and rot because the first surgeon did not know what he was doing. There are a lot of untrained people offering these cheaply-priced surgeries in developing countries, and there is no regulation for it like there is in the U.S. When things are this bad, a surgeon has to remove all the dead tissue to save your life. It is a terrifying thing, but thankfully, cosmetic surgeons in the U.S. are able to easily reconstruct your breasts after the fact.

When your breast reconstruction surgeon begins the surgery (and after you have gone through the consultation), he/she will take as much adipose tissue from your abdomen as he/she can take. Since breasts are essentially and almost entirely adipose (fat) tissue anyway, the abdominal fat you have is perfect for this procedure. Some of the skin from your stomach is also used to create the skin of the new breasts. There will be scarring, but it will be nothing like it was before your reconstruction procedure.