Four Things You Should Know About Breast Lift Procedures

Posted on: 18 April 2019

If you're unhappy with the shape of your breasts, a breast lift is an option for you to consider. During a breast lift, your doctor will elevate the position of your nipples, restoring the appearance of well-supported, taut breasts. If you're considering this procedure, here are four things you should know about the breast lift procedure:

1. You Should Wait Until You've Finished Having Kids

While you can technically have a breast lift at any time, it's best to wait until you're done having children before getting the procedure done. This is because your breasts will undergo natural changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding, which can cause additional sagging. You'll have better results if you wait to have a breast lift.

2. You May Have Minimal Scarring

Your doctor will make an incision around your areola and lengthwise down the bottom half of your breast in order to perform the breast lift. After your surgery, you may be left with scars in these locations. Most patients find that their scars are not very noticeable after one or two years has passed, according to Mayo Clinic. However, you should be aware that scarring is a possibility; the final appearance of your scars will depend on your genetics and your body's own natural ability to heal scar tissue.

3. You Do Not Have to Change the Size of Your Breasts

Many people who seek out a breast lift do so while getting a breast reduction or breast augmentation at the same time. However, if you're happy with the size of your breasts, you don't need to undergo any additional procedures. 

4. You May Experience Increased Confidence as a Result of the Procedure

Being confident in your body is a great thing. Unfortunately, self-consciousness is common. Many people have one thing about their body that they dislike. After you have a breast lift, you may find that you experience boosted confidence that comes from being truly happy with your body's appearance. Fixing the parts of your appearance that bother you can help you to stop fixating on it and instead focus on other things that bring you joy.

If you think that a breast lift is the right procedure for you, schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon. They will be able to walk you through the process and help you visualize your final results. A breast lift is a safe and effective way to restore breasts that have lost their tone over time.