Things You Should Know About Tummy Tuck Surgery

Posted on: 5 December 2019

Undergoing a tummy tuck surgery, also known as an abdominoplasty, can give you additional health and confidence. That confidence comes in the form of your clothes fitting a now perfect waistline and abdomen. No fat will be rising over and in those areas of your body. Weakened muscles that allowed fat to lodge in your abdomen are firmly restored. So with the excess fat gone, your clothes now fit your figure.

More About Tummy Tuck Procedure

What you must initially understand before you undergo tummy tuck surgery is that this procedure is not going to help you to lose weight. Its purpose is to remove the fat cells that pad your waistline and abdominal areas. So although it's a permanent solution for fat removal, you must discipline yourself to prevent weight fluctuations that can negatively impact your successful abdominoplasty procedure.

Are You a Candidate for Abdominoplasty?

Once you decide to undergo this procedure, you should contact a plastic surgeon. There are a few requirements that you must meet before the surgery is performed such as whether you are healthy and maintaining a stable weight. You should be a nonsmoker. You'll be quizzed about having realistic expectations from the procedure. There will be a question about whether you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your abdomen's size. You'll be informed thereafter that you're a candidate for the surgery.

What Happens During the Surgery?

Extra skin is removed to give you a desired firmer stomach. If you also have additional fat, your surgeon could recommend liposuction for that too, which would be done as an additional procedure. Rest assured that your surgeon will give all the information that you need and will also answer any questions or concerns that you may have ahead of the operation.

What Is the Cost?

The cost runs a little over $6,200 but there will be additional charges for necessary services such as anesthesia, operating room facility used and related expenses. The procedure is not usually covered by insurance plans. Some surgeons, however, offer financing plans to help you pay for this surgery.

Helping to Maintain Your Weight

The confidence that you gain from having a tummy tuck is priceless. You can wear styles that you've shunned for so long. All you have to do is eat healthy diets and exercise well. Your surgeon might give you suggestions on the types of exercise or food that you can start implementing in your life after the surgery.