4 Facts About Cosmetic Injections for Patients

Posted on: 22 September 2020

Cosmetic injections can help you alter your appearance. The changes can be subtle or dramatic, depending on your desires. Cosmetic injections can be administered by a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon. Here are four things patients often want to know before getting cosmetic injections:

1. Cosmetic injections can be used preventatively.

Cosmetic injections are commonly used to help patients retain youthful skin. If maintaining your youthful appearance is your primary concern, you may be wondering at what age you should start getting cosmetic injections. You may not know that cosmetic injections can be used preventatively. Botox, in particular, is excellent for preventing the formation of wrinkles. By paralyzing certain facial muscles, Botox injections can soften your expressions, which will prevent expression lines from forming.

2. Pain-relieving options are available.

The cosmetic injection procedure is a minimally invasive one. It's performed using thin needles and does not require incisions or stitches. Most people find the procedure relatively comfortable. However, some people are still concerned about pain. Fortunately, pain-relieving options are available. Some doctors numb patients' skin using topical anesthetics at the injection site. Ice can also be used to provide an analgesic effect. Local anesthetic may also be an option. Talk to your doctor about your pain concerns and ask about your options.

3. Cosmetic injections can help you look well-rested.

Cosmetic injections can be used to ameliorate the signs of aging. However, that isn't their only function. Cosmetic injections can also help you look more well-rested. Dark circles and bags under the eyes are often associated with a lack of rest. However, these facial features can become permanent as a person gets older. A loss of volume beneath the eyes can make you look tired. Dermal fillers can fill in hollow spaces beneath your eyes, eradicating the appearance of under-eye bags. Cosmetic injections can help you look wide awake and refreshed.

4. The results are reversible.

Many patients are very happy with the results of their cosmetic injections and want to maintain them indefinitely. However, you may be worried beforehand that you may not like the results. You can rest assured, knowing the results are reversible. The effects of Botox will wear off on their own within a few months, and dermal fillers typically wear off within a year. However, dermal fillers can be removed using a special enzyme. The enzyme is administered through an injection, and it will reverse the effects of unwanted dermal fillers, making the cosmetic injection procedure risk-free.

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