Considering Botox Or Dermal Fillers? Consider These Three Things

Posted on: 23 November 2020

Getting dermal fillers or freezing your facial muscles with Botox is a great way to manage your wrinkles and fine lines, improve the silhouette of your face and neck, and help you feel more youthful. Every person begins to lose their youthful features with age because collagen production starts to decrease and gravity takes its toll. Depending on your genetics, lifestyle, and current age, your experience with fine lines and wrinkles will differ from someone else's. Most people start to show signs of collagen production slowdown by the time they hit age 25, and have a rate of skin elasticity decline of around 2% every year.

Here are three things to consider before you get Botox or any dermal fillers. Your cosmetic surgeon or Botox treatment specialist can help you with making your skin more youthful.

Consider the right specialist

If you want to do dermal fillers or Botox, it's best to go to a specialist who is trained in the type of wrinkle reduction injections you want to use. The reason for this is simple: if you get the right specialist, your results will be more natural, will allow you to have the right wrinkle and fine line reduction, and can help your skin improve. You want to do your research before choosing a Botox treatment specialist for your needs.

Consider where you want work done

Where you want work done on your face or other areas of your body will determine what type of fillers or dermal injections you should have done. If you want to add fullness to your face or lift your skin, then dermal injections are a great idea. If you want to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, consider Botox. You can do a combination of both kinds of injections to make your skin lustrous and youthful.

Consider your commitment

The great thing about having facial injections done is this: the results will be instant and long-lasting, while not lasting forever. You need to commit to repeat appointments and injections to continue your results. Make sure you are able to commit to the costs and time associated with getting any type of cosmetic injections, so you can keep your skin looking beautiful and lustrous for as long as possible.

With the right specialist and care, your skin can be greatly improved with the introduction of dermal fillers or Botox. To learn more, speak to your cosmetic surgeon or specialist about the different procedures you can have.