If You're Worried About Pain After Breast Augmentation, This Is The Option For You

Posted on: 21 March 2022

Choosing to undergo breast augmentation is a big decision. For many women, it improves self-image and increases confidence. However, if you've been holding off on breast augmentation because you're worried about being in pain after the surgery, you should know that there are newer options out there that are much more comfortable to recover from. Instead of undergoing traditional breast implantation, consider talking to a cosmetic surgeon about transumbilical augmentation instead. 

Traditional Breast Augmentation Surgery

As you may know, traditionally, breast augmentation surgery required making an incision in or under the breasts. While this is an easy way for the surgeon to access the area, it's not the most comfortable thing for the woman undergoing the procedure. Recovery from this can take a while, and since the incisions are on your chest, doing things like stretching, bending, and even breathing can make the discomfort worse. On top of that, many women didn't like this method because it could potentially leave scarring. This not only has the potential to create an unsightly mark, but could potentially serve to notify others that they'd had breast augmentation performed.

How Transumbilical Breast Augmentation Works

The newer method, transumbilical breast augmentation, avoids the majority of these drawbacks. To start off, there are no incisions made on the exterior of the breast or chest in general.

Instead of going in through a cut on the breast, these implants are threaded through the body from the navel up to the chest and into the breast cavity. They're left deflated during this time, and once they're positioned correctly by the surgeon, they're filled with saline solution. Once it's complete, the surgeon closes up and stitches the navel incision closed.

There are a few things that are nice about this method. Any scarring is typically hidden by the folds of the navel, and the recovery itself is much easier to go through.

What to Expect From Recovery

Of course, every surgery is likely to make someone feel uncomfortable afterward. However, with this method using such a tiny incision, the majority of the tension you'll end up feeling is from your breast tissue gradually stretching to accommodate the new implants. Bending and stretching should feel comfortable, and breathing won't be a problem, either.

These days, there are much better methods of putting breast implants in, including this one. With a shortened and more comfortable recovery period, you may have less to worry about.

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