Common Reasons For Breast Implant Revision Surgery

Posted on: 24 August 2022

Breast augmentation has numerous benefits, including boosting confidence and better physical appearance. However, you should know that the surgery's results can't last a lifetime. Despite having a successful surgery, you may have some complications that force you into a second surgery. 

A breast implant revision surgery enhances or corrects the results of the first augmentation surgery. Understand what you need to do during recovery to identify unusual signs or complications. If you experience these issues, you may need breast revision surgery. 


When breast implants rupture, the breast size reduces and makes it look deflated. A breast implant surgery corrects this fault and restores the breast's shape and size by removing and replacing the breast implant. 

Saline implant rupture poses fewer health risks as the body absorbs the liquid. But when silicone ruptures, it lets out its cohesive gel. Unfortunately, most women with silicone implants don't notice their ruptured implant immediately until they get an MRI scan. 

The rupture often occurs in older implants or when there is pressure on the outer breast shell. Monitor your implant closely for volume changes. Then, call your surgeon immediately to schedule an implant revision surgery. 

The desire for a Different Size

The results after your first implant surgery can leave you satisfied or in want of a further breast increment to feel more confident. Mostly, this happens when you have a poorly performed breast augmentation surgery. Review with your surgeon after the initial procedure to plan for the revision surgery to improve your physical appearance and get your groove back. 

You may need revision surgery if you experience wrinkling or rippling on your breasts' sides. Wrinkles often appear on thinner women and may signify larger implant sizing or when the tissue covering the implanted breasts is too thin. Discuss with your plastic surgeon to redo your breast implant surgery to get the correct sizing.

Changes in your body size or other factors like age and pregnancy can change your initial goals with breast implant surgery. Discuss your options and timings with your plastic surgeon to align your breast implant revision surgery. 

Double Bubble

When your breasts look and feel distorted, get breast revision surgery. Sometimes the implants may shift beneath the breast folds, creating a two-tiered breast. This deformity requires urgent attention in breast implant revision surgery to correct this anomaly. 

Implant Positioning

Wrong sizing of your first implant can cause them to drift out of position. A breast implant revision surgery corrects this problem by using the correct size with the proper sutures. 

Breast augmentation surgeries restore women's pride and physical bust appearance. While everything might not go as planned in the first surgery, a revision surgery ensures you reach your goal on the second attempt.