Botched Breast Augmentations And How To Fix Your Breasts

Posted on: 4 June 2018

Many women choose to go to Mexico, Latin America, or South America for breast augmentations. This cosmetic procedure and dozens of others are extremely cheap there, but you are playing with fire if you make that choice. Just ask dozens of men and women who opted to head south of the equator to developing countries for cosmetic procedures and ended up marred and scarred. They find that the results are never what they expected.
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4 Benefits Of Having Smaller Breasts

Posted on: 21 May 2018

If you have enormous breasts,  you may want to consider having breast augmentation surgery like a breast reduction; his will reduce the size of these and may be extremely helpful to you for a variety of reasons. Being fully aware of the numerous advantages of getting this cosmetic procedure done may be the motivation you need to do so. Benefit #1: Fewer back problems The last thing you'll want to deal with on a routine basis is problems with your back; this can be extremely uncomfortable and even painful if you have very large breasts that often contribute to an increased chance of back pain.
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How To Treat Pregnant Women With Syphilis

Posted on: 16 April 2018

Syphilis is a dangerous sexually transmitted disease that does not get talked about. It is a bacterial infection that starts as a painless sore. This infection spreads through sexual contact. If you leave this disease untreated, then it can progress into the late stages. This results in you developing inflammatory lesions all over your body. Ultimately, you can develop cardiovascular and organ failure. If you are pregnant, then you are going to need an STD treatment to prevent further complications.
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How Getting A Facelift Can Enhance Your Quality Of Life

Posted on: 4 April 2018

If you're wondering whether a facelift would be the right choice for your lifestyle, it's a good idea to make a list of pros and cons that you can use to make your final decision. Here are a few benefits to start your list: Enjoy Less Maintenance After getting a facelift, you'll likely need less prep time in the morning to get ready. You won't have to use as much makeup to cover up crow's feet or fine wrinkles.
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